Monday, 7 June 2010

Power delights Me. It has always been so and I pursue it relentlessly. The ability to draw men in, to see them powerless at My feet, to watch their eyes barely able to focus, to have the freedom to explore extreme cruelty and yet to bewitch them into complete submission...yes all these things and more have led Me to My current lifestyle.

I have read the thoughts of Ingrid Bellemare and of Elise Sutton; Women who expound the benefits of this lifestyle, of Female Domination and Female Supremacy. Such books have fascinated Me and yet I find it such a shame to hear people speaking of these Women as though they are mythical. Perhaps these Ladies are fictional Mistresses? Yes, it is entirely possible. Certainly I have not had the pleasure of sharing their company. Nonetheless such Women exist. I exist.

Why choose this time to speak in this forum? I read today the news that Ingrid Bellemare has sadly died and that Her website will no longer be updated. I open this forum as a space for Women to explore their Dominance and to exchange ideas. I also recognise that submissive males sometimes hope for advice from those who are experienced in Female Domination and male slavery. I shall therefore allow males to post to this forum provided they remain extremely respectful and courteous.

I shall read your thoughts with interest.

Mistress Katarina Merteuil